Endodontist Jacksonville FL

Endodontist Jacksonville FL

Upcoming root canals can strike fear in the hearts of patients, but here at Dental Arts of Florida, we strive to make your procedure as pain-free as possible. The premier endodontist Jacksonville FL has to offer, our team of experienced and compassionate endodontic specialists are constantly learning new ways to improve your oral health and preserve your beautiful smile.

Your tooth is composed of hardened enamel and dentin that protects a soft tissue within called the pulp. The pulp of your tooth is attached to connective tissues between your teeth and gums. When the pulp becomes inflamed or infected, a root canal is required to eliminate pain and restore normal function of the affected tooth.

The nerves, bacteria, and decay that cause your pain will be removed during your root canal and replaced with artificial dental materials. This is why it is so important to find the best endodontist Jacksonville FL can offer. At Dental Arts of Florida, we fill this resulting space with special medicated materials that restore your tooth in a fast, effective, and pain-free manner.

Dental Arts of Florida is the best place for endodontics Jacksonville can provide because of our focus on your comfort throughout the entire procedure. We proudly offer several types of sedation to meet the wants and needs of all our patients. Our sedation and numbing options are ideal for those who have a fear of dental care, complex dental issues, and/or trouble getting numb.

Endodontics and root canals shouldn't be something to fear. These procedures are an integral part in maintaining strong and healthy teeth, which is why you need to find the best dental office for endodontics Jacksonville has available. Call us today for a free consultation and let Dental Arts of Florida help you smile brighter than ever before.

Patient Success Stories

  • I have searched for years for a dentist who can provide a stress free experience for cleaning and repairing my teeth. I found that and a great staff with an warm and welcoming outlook at Dental Arts of Florida. Their state of the art text and email reminders make sure I do not miss an appointment. I love it here.

    --Christina T.

  • >Great experience! I have never had to wait more than five or ten minutes and they really take their time with you; making sure you have plenty of time to ask questions. All procedures are very thoroughly explained. Very friendly environment.

    --Alice H, Patient Since 2013


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