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Some Important Things to Look for in New Dentist Offices

Blog • 15th Jun, 17 • 0 Comments

Looking for a new dentist can be a stressful journey, but it doesn't have to be the worst thing in the world! In fact, as long as you know what you should be looking for in new dentist offices you should be just fine. Here's a short guide to get you started.

Modern Technology
Any dentistry practice that's reluctant to use modern technology isn't one you should be visiting. Without digital imaging and other important tools, the proper diagnoses and treatment may not be given out. And when you're talking about oral surgery or any endodontic services, a proper diagnosis is extremely important.

Responsive Staff Members
Whether you have a question or a complaint about your treatment, it's important that the staff members are there to help you and ease your concerns. Bedside manner is just as important in dentist offices as it is in a hospital, especially when there's someone poking around in your mouth.

Ongoing Education
For years and years, the skills needed to be a dentist remained largely the same. But thanks to modern technology and medical advances, dental professionals need to be learning constantly to keep up. And beyond that, a dental office should make it clear that all staff members are invested in continuing their education beyond what they currently know. An investment in education will pay off in the quality of dental work done and in general knowledge of all staff members.

If there's one thing a dental office absolutely needs to be given the seal of approval, it's a clean facility and good hygiene practices. As previously mentioned, someone will be poking around in your mouth, no matter which dental practice you choose. But considering that, it's probably important for everything in the facility to be sterile before it makes contact with your teeth.

According to an AACD survey, a full 99.7% of adults believe a healthy smile is socially important. But without the right dentist, you're never going to get there! Make sure you keep an eye out for these things when you're looking for a new dental practice.

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Patient Success Stories

  • I have been going to Dental Arts located on Gate Parkway for over 2 years and it has always been a wonderful experience. My husband, who HATES going to the dentist went here and had his first good experience. He won't go anywhere else. I was going to a different dentist at the time, who was good but decided to switch to Dental Arts since my husband liked them so well. I realized why my husband wouldn't go anywhere else. They are extremely personable, professional and do a great job.

    --Sherry D.

  • >I went in on a Saturday with short notice. But the wait was not too long. Got all my teeth checked up with no out of pocket. They gave me recommendations on what my next steps would be. Got my cleaning done which was not very pleasant but the staff made it as pleasant as possible.



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